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  • Peter Romney

“DANCING with THE CELLOS” concert

“Is it possible to dance with the cellos?”

YES! This event happened on May 12, 2017 at Grace Episcopal Church, 7:00 pm

The music was fun, enlightening, energizing and beautifully synchronized for the audience.

This was wonderfully designed for a group of dedicated cellists and dancers

It was a special performance, largely due to the acoustic set up by Dr. Ka- Wai Yu and the Church, and a sensor-around, symphonic wonder

Cellists were arranged by section and positioned in and around the audience; whom were strategically seated in the church benches

The audience loved the stereo-phonic expression. Audience members informed me, that they also heard flutes, harps, clarinets and violins!

The audience was surprised to know that cellos provide variable and beautiful sounds together. It is much like a full symphony orchestra. If that is the case, the CSSU must perform more often!

We had beautiful large posters made by our own graphic artist and cellist, Sandy Gustaveson, to commemorate this event. It was also our first fund raiser for the CSSU; combined with supporting the Soup Kitchen for those in need in our community.

We are grateful to everyone cello and beyond for your assistance and performance. CSSU thanks the Church and all involved for helping CSSU; including chair set up, tables, lighting, and arrangements. We are all eternally grateful.

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