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  • Peter Romney

Cello Body Awareness News & Views #1

Musicians have a general problem of sitting in one position for many hours.

I call this situation ‘static build-up’. The body moves very little, especially during a live performance. This places large demands on the cellist. Gravity is the culprit. It can be used as your friend or foe.

Breathing and relaxing while you perform are the main keys to avoiding stress and possible problems with your cello-body! Staying in one seated position in a chair can cause fascial/muscle curling, because playing the cello is an act of constant muscular ‘flexion’.

This influences everything including the eye and jaw muscles.

If the cello body is left too long in one position, neural and circulatory compressions may develop; as well as dry-eyes from not blinking enough

The key is to un-wind your static cello position after performing and/or after playing for long uninterrupted periods. Stretching backwards with your cello bow overhead is a good idea.

You may also want to ‘unwind’ your bowing arm by initiating the opposite movement at least 50 times of more.

Submitted by Debra Vradenburg Cellist, BS LMT BCTMB Certified Advanced Rolfer®

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